Monday, July 25, 2011


didn't take a lot of pictures in San Francisco because i spent all day most days reading snow crash in cafes and working on this idea i have about how there have been infinite jesuses. snow crash might be the best book btw

are jake phelps and tony trujillo still cool? not really sure. this got painted over the next day.

this guy's name was the magic whistle. he played guitar and, surprise ending, whistled. he had cool visual effects that i think were influenced by either psychadelic drugs or technology

watched this sweet blood on the dancefloor video called bewitched. lost track of whether i was enjoying it with ironic distance or not. btw does anyone know how they have some much money for expensive videos. confused about that

the extreme animals played awesome music and awesome videos. no word on whether they'll be playing at the upsidedown pyramid again anytime soon. 

don't know if i have anything funny to say about this. jacob is a nice dude who makes cool things. #SOULMUSIC

which do u like better? people with cancer or starving children. what's ur fave charity? tweet at me. best answer wins five ipads

i think i will just describe this photo. this is a man walking his unicycle down the street wearing a ride ur bike 2 work day tote bag. think he must be confused about his life.

guys whoa there are like mad toilets over here look out be careful don't pee in these CAUTION DANGEROUS GROUP OF TOILETS SPOTTED IN SF

how can google turn evil when all their employees ride rlly cute bikes?


look how cute cartoon georgia o keefe is. wonder if this magazine discussed how most of her paintings were really of vaginas. probs not

helpin me 2 KIR

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